Best Branch Of Military For Lawyers?

The military is a great profession for lawyers. In fact, many of the best practicing attorneys are former military personnel – especially those who have served in the armed forces of other countries. For example, retired U.S. Army General Stanley McChrystal was a very successful attorney before he retired from the Army and became President Obama’s top counter-terrorism official. Law firms often hire ex-military generals as Senior Counselors or as Special Advisors to assist with matters involving international law and military strategy issues on which they may be able to provide valuable insight based on their experience as soldiers at war with another country’s army during wartime conditions. Another former general noted above, Gen Paul Eaton had been Chief of Staff for both Lt Col Oliver North at Iran/Contra Hearings and Gen George W Bush Jr after 9/11 attacks but left the U S Army under a cloud because of his involvement in cocaine smuggling activities while he had been stationed in El Salvador during active combat against communist guerillas there (an illegal activity). However, he eventually returned to private practice after several years having acquired an excellent reputation for integrity and ethics among clients who worked with him closely throughout his career (he also has an outstanding knowledge base about business law practices). A large number of current senior officers like this kind of clear mindedness any day over some legal snake oil salesman – since all these high ranking officers know that there is no such thing as “legalistic truth” if it

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