Best Books To Read For Immigration Lawyers?

“Mine is the book by David Preciado, ‘The Story of Immigration Law in America.’ It tells you how immigration laws have been applied to immigrants from different countries over time and that helps you understand the context. And it also has a lot of good anecdotes and stories about cases, so I like to read it when I want a break from my own case. But we don’t really talk about legal issues here — we just talk about life,” said Fernando Machicao Ocasio-Cortez as he sat down with us at his office in Santa Ana on Tuesday afternoon (January 9).

Since 2016, Ocasio-Cortez has represented several Mexican nationals who were detained for immigration violations while crossing the border into the U.S., including those affected by President Donald Trump’s executive order ending family separations at the border last year. Many of her clients had already spent years fighting deportation proceedings and many others had criminal convictions unrelated to their immigration status or actions they took subsequent to entering our country illegally — such as drug possession charges — leaving them vulnerable to administrative detention if released pending an outcome in their deportation case. The end result: hundreds of immigrants held for months or even years without access to counsel or due process during lengthy detention proceedings that ultimately leave many detainees facing removal orders that they cannot appeal because none of them could afford attorneys who would take their cases pro bono (free) after spending thousands out-of-pocket

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