Best Books On Persuasion For Lawyers?

I recently read a book called “How to Win Friends and Influence People” by Dale Carnegie. I found it interesting but not useful for my purposes in law practice. The author’s advice is very old-fashioned, so much so that the book reads like an autobiography of someone who tried real hard in his day to be nice and attractive, and then how he evolved into a more successful person over time because he became nicer and more charming. It’s just not modern enough for me. The book itself has numerous shortcomings:

*The examples are all from what seems to be the mid-20th century (e.g., “strangers”) rather than today (e.g., potential clients). That makes it somewhat less applicable now as well; e.g., most people now work with others on teams, they don’t usually know each other as they do at the office where you see them every day or once per year when they need something done).

*The tone is almost entirely conversational and personal (“how did my life change?”) instead of authoritative (“this is why we’re doing this”).

*Unusually long chapters on subjects such as how to deal with your wife if you want her money–which absolutely no one outside of small circles would ever give any thought about or care about! It made me think that some authors feel compelled somehow to spend pages talking about things they’ve never even had firsthand experience with themselves…but perhaps

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