Best Books For Startup Lawyers?

In a word, yes. Regardless of your focus, if you are an early-stage startup lawyer looking to build a practice and earn recognition for exceptional client service, I would recommend reading the following books:

• The Startup Owner’s Manual by Eric Ries (2014). This book is not just for startups. It provides valuable information that every entrepreneur who wants to succeed should take away from it. You can read my review here. In addition to being one of the best manuals on how to start a company today, this book will help you become more effective in managing people and getting them aligned with the vision of your company so they stay there over time while executing on business goals. Among other things, Ries analyzes what he calls “the dynamics of disruption”—how fast an industry moves—and displays data about current technology trends that show how companies can outpace their competition (e.g., Amazon vs.- bookstore; Uber vs.- taxis; Snapchat vs.- social media sites like Facebook or Twitter). If you do not feel like reading his entire 816 page manual right now but only want one section (or two), I would highly recommend starting with Chapter 5 where he examines three different kinds of employees (technical talent; knowledge workers; relationship managers) based on whether they are critical for long-term success or short term gains at minimum cost/risk levels when compared against alternatives such as outsourcing traditional staff positions or hiring independent contractors/freelancers instead

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