Best Books For Lawyers Who Want To Work For Small Businesses?

The Small Business Legal Handbook. (Thomsen & Hixon, 2006). The book “is an excellent resource for any lawyer interested in working with small businesses or starting their own firm.” (Lawyers Weekly Review) It is the only one of its kind; it covers all aspects of law governing startups and small businesses including: general business planning, tax issues, employment laws (including non-compete agreements), intellectual property protection, insurance coverage, licensing arrangements and partnership formation.

3. What are your favorite books on entrepreneurship?

Startup Nation by Dan Senor and Saul Singer takes a good look at Israel’s most successful start-ups to date up through 2008 when they were valued at $1 billion+ per company. I have found it interesting that most of the companies started in Israel are still around today while many others have gone overseas or split apart within 3 years after being formed due to various reasons such as acquisitions/mergers etc… There are some great success stories though! And there is no better place right now than Israel to be starting a startup so definitely check out this book! Entrepreneur magazine also has several good articles about Israeli startups if you want more information on that aspect of things too!

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