Best Books For Lawyers Who Want To Practice Business Law?

First, I’d like to say that I love reading every kind of book. If you ask me what my favorite books are (or if you don’t), I will likely respond with “all kinds of books,” because for me there is no such thing as a bad read. However, the truth is that when it comes time to choose which business law book would make the best gift for any lawyer who wants to practice in this area (or even want to get started practicing in the field), here are three criteria upon which all must be evaluated:

1) What type of information does this book contain? Does it provide step-by-step strategies and techniques or just offer advice on general concepts? Is it written by an expert practitioner or only an academic? Generally speaking, experts write books about their own experiences; moreover, they know how things work inside out and backwards! This self-knowledge makes them uniquely qualified to teach readers how things work within their particular arena. As far as legal issues go, however, academics tend not to have extensive experience working on those issues so they can often be limited in terms of what topics they can address honestly. Moreover, their writing style tends towards dryness—they speak flatly without drawing attention away from themselves by using engaging language or interesting metaphors. That being said though—and obviously unlike many other areas where one might seek guidance—there should still be something valuable made available through these types of works regardless

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