Best Books For Lawyers To Read?

Adam had no idea how to respond. He’d been thinking about what he wanted to read, but it wasn’t a good time for him—he was supposed to be working on a case and instead he was trying his best not to think about work. And yet, as soon as the title came up, an old fascination with “the law” made him want to say yes. Anything that might help elucidate the many mysteries of life in general—and this one in particular!—was certainly worth reading.

But then Adam wondered if maybe they were smarter than any book could ever hope to be: after all, his mother always said there were more lawyers per capita in Chicago than anywhere else on earth; so why wouldn’t people have better things going on? But she also said there were a lot of lawyers who didn’t do anything else except practice law or write books about legal issues or offer legal advice over the phone from their homes at all hours of the day and night for forty dollars an hour plus expenses…or something like that. Still, even though Adam wasn’t sure whether he liked her considering herself some kind of authority over what constituted good literature (she generally considered everything written by somebody other than her husband), it did make sense: everyone knew lawyers got rich because they seemed able somehow magically turn cases into money! That must happen somewhere along the way between getting hired and winning your first big lawsuit

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