Best Books For Lawyers To Develop Clients?

A: It depends on what you want to do. If you are a commercial lawyer, I would suggest something with a lot of case law – cases that have been decided by the Supreme Court or appellate courts – and lots of good discussion about those decisions. In terms of pure academic work, there is still tremendous value in reading books like Greenberger & Pifer’s Lawyering for Success because it gives practical advice that lawyers can use every day as they practice their jobs. Then again if you want really deep theoretical stuff then read John Hart Ely on legal realism and constitutional interpretation which provides a framework for understanding how judges make decisions about the meaning of statutes and constitutional provisions. And finally if you want to learn more about the role that class actions play in litigation today check out Gordon Sussman’s book Class Action Litigation: A Practical Guide to Getting Value from Your Case (McGraw-Hill).

Q: What is your top tip for business students looking to develop clients?

A: Developing clients isn’t just about getting leads; it also involves nurturing relationships with prospective clients over time so that when they need counsel at some point down the road, they will know who is going to be best suited for them and why. One way we try to accomplish this goal at HWLJP is through our blog where we discuss important legal issues facing businesses – topics such as employment discrimination, contracting disputes and securities fraud – many times

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