Best Books For Future Lawyers?

**I think one thing that would help future lawyers is to have some kind of guide or annotation on the books that they read. I always found it difficult when I had to reread a book for class because there were notes in the margins explaining certain arguments, cases, etc. It would be great if some publisher’s annotated copies could be made available online so law students can go back and review them before taking their final exams.

It seems like you don’t need any more ways to study… what are your thoughts?

**Not really! LOL The best way to improve your writing skills is by reading good writing. So find good writing on subjects that interest you and then try approaching it with fresh eyes every time you sit down at the computer screen or open up a new chapter in a textbook.

How do you suggest someone become better at “legal speak” (i.e., wordsmithing)? How did this come about for you?

**I think legal-speak is one of those things where an author will start out saying something simple but then get caught up in his/her own terminology and end up being very convoluted which makes sense given how complex our society has become since the advent of modern laws, regulations, etc… But what’s important is not trying too hard; just let yourself flow with whatever happens naturally along the way while making sure everything still follows grammatical rules (e.g., subject + verb = agreement) whenever possible

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