Best Books For Corporate Lawyers?

I would recommend a book on corporate governance, the latest edition of which is by Sidney Fels. It’s called “Worldwide Governance: Lessons from Corporate Law and Policy.”

What books have had a big influence on your thinking? Are there any that you think are particularly underrated?

My favorite legal historian is David Luban. I don’t know if he has been underrated or not, but I found his index very useful when it came to looking up stuff in the history of American law. Also, Lila Katz has written many excellent articles about the US Supreme Court and its role in shaping constitutional interpretation throughout our nation’s history — she just published her most recent one with Yale Press last year called “Shaping Constitutional Interpretation: The United States Supreme Court and Post–Civil War Reconstruction.” And finally, my favorite contemporary legal scholar is Akhil Amar (he teaches at Yale). He writes really thoughtful pieces about various aspects of government authority; for instance, he wrote an article recently discussing how we can reconcile individualism and collectivism (two different theories) in such situations as affirmative action programs requiring private universities to consider race when they make decisions regarding admission policies (in other words deciding whether to give preferential treatment based on race). There aren’t too many scholars who articulate these kinds of issues well publicly; my sense is that this kind of work doesn’t get much recognition outside academia because people find them too

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