Best Books For Business Lawyers?

The one I recommend the most is The Art of Doing: Creating and Managing Our Most Important Relationships by Brigham Young University professor and former CEO Howard Bowen. It’s a great book for understanding what people want in business relationships, how to build them and maintain them over time. And it applies across all industries — any professional relationship we have with anyone else — whether we’re talking about clients or employees, bosses or co-workers. That includes our personal relationships too. It also covers some really important topics such as “how do you use your life experiences to better help people? How do you share what you know? What does it look like when leaders inspire others through their lives and actions?” These are key questions in building successful careers in law firms but they apply in other professions too.

How did you become interested in law/legal issues related to startups/business development legal matters?

I graduated from BYU Law School almost 30 years ago now, so my interest has always been there since the get-go! But startup activity has changed dramatically over that period of time because of technology advancements along with access to new resources on how best to navigate these new environments (e.g., social media). My involvement grew once I started practicing out west here at BFG where there were more opportunities for me to share my Utah entrepreneurial story with clients who wanted guidance on breaking into this space while navigating new practices within corporate America at large without leaving home base

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