Best Books Employment Discrimination For Lawyers?

Ask for a raise, even if you are making more than you could have asked for in the first place. Ask about training opportunities to help learn new skills. If your manager is not receptive or helpful, perhaps it’s time to move on before you can be run into the ground by this person. You may also want to consider asking the company that employs them to increase their salary and ask that they match any raises given by other companies in your department/division (although this depends upon how senior levels of management feel about retaliation).

How do I find out what my employer does with its employees’ personal information?

You will need to take action yourself once you know where your data is stored; however, there are steps an employee can take at his or her own expense: Talk with HR (or whoever has access) and request all data regarding employment status (whether the individual was terminated or quit/resigned), job title(s) held during employment, dates of hiring and termination(s), reason(s) for leaving each position, date of birth along with Social Security number when applicable; Respond appropriately following correspondence from HR explaining why it would be inappropriate for disclosure. Be sure all documentation requested is provided back including copies of documents requested prior to requesting them so as not create duplicate records in process! The Human Resources Department should provide “Employee Data” forms which include much more comprehensive lists than those included below: What types of information does MyPl

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