Best Book On Rhetoric For Lawyers?

The Rhetoric of the American Senate: Its History, Form and Practice by Frederick W. Hilles is a good place to start. It is not only a great read but it also has very practical advice on how to improve your rhetoric as well as some interesting historical anecdotes about Senators from each state that have been published since the book was written in 1964.

What law school should I attend?

I live in Washington D.C., so my answer is probably going to be biased towards this area, but the University of Maryland School of Law (UMD) combines an excellent academic experience with a strong alumni network and a high bar for admission selection–all things that are important when choosing between law schools, especially those who live out-of-state or plan to go into public interest work after graduation. The program’s emphasis on public service combined with its excellent academics makes UMD one of the top programs for students interested in public interest careers both now and into future years as they begin their respective legal careers – which means you can really benefit from attending UMD even if you don’t anticipate practicing at all! Additionally, because I am based here and work for government agencies right up until term’s end every year, I am able to use my office space free during term breaks – something most other law schools do not offer due to budgetary issues or just simply not having enough resources available.

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