Best Book About Pet Trusts For Lawyers?

I don’t think we have a book about pet trusts for lawyers. We do offer some general information and experience with this area of law in our ASPCA Pet Trusts: Pre-need Planning & Estate Planning program, but it’s not the focus of that class or topic in general.

What kind of situations should an animal trust be drafted for? How can you tell what kind of trust is best to create? What steps would I need to take if I want my pet to continue after I die if there was no will or living trust around at the time when the animal died?

As long as you’re following all state and local laws regarding your deceased pets’ remains — which will vary based on how you plan on disposing them (i.e., whether they’ll be cremated or buried) — then any type of legal document should work fine in its place! You may also wish to consult with an estate planning attorney who could make suggestions about drafting such a document; most attorneys are very familiar with these types of documents and can give their professional opinion as well. See our article, “Saving Legally Your Pet’s Remains” here:

If I am considering creating a revocable living trust for one or more specific purposes involving my family members, friends, employees etc.,

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