Best Blogging Platform For Lawyers?

I was recently asked this question by a lawyer friend of mine. I can’t imagine why he’d ask me that, since I don’t know anything about the legal blogosphere! But it’s an interesting question, so here goes my answer:

Is WordPress the best blogging platform for lawyers? No. It’s not even close to being the best. There are other platforms out there which are better for different purposes than WordPress is good at doing what lawyers need to do with their blogs (as opposed to blogs written by local radio personalities) or as innovative ideas in lawtech go – and those will be discussed below – because they’re really good at helping you do things like manage your staff or schedule court appearances or track cases from intake form to verdict and back again without having a lawyer hanging around all day long waiting on case notes. When people ask me questions like ‘what kind of blog should I have’, then, I’ve learned over time that it helps if they provide some context as well as asking me specific technical questions about how something might work. So let’s start with some background first…

What Is A Blog? In The Context Of Law And Lawyers In particular What Does That Have To Do With WordPress? Basically…it used to be called a weblog , but now most people call them blogs these days instead because bloggers write more personal stuff usually than weblogs did, and also because bloggers were originally just writing online diaries which later became more creative expressions often focused

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