Best Basic Gen Ed Communication For Lawyers?

“A good basic general education for lawyers should include: English, history and civics; math and science; foreign languages (Spanish is a plus); geography and economics. I also think having some knowledge of art and music would be helpful in developing your creativity and giving you an appreciation for the humanities.”

If you had to pick one or two books that best describe what it means to be a lawyer today—and why they matter—what would those books be? How do they relate to each other? Which book(s) do you keep on your desk as inspiration every day, when the going gets tough or when things seem impossible? Why is this book there?

I read The Complete Idiot’s Guide To Law School about four years ago because I was preparing myself for law school at the time. It was exactly what I needed at the time, so it has been by my side ever since then. There are certain aspects of law school that just don’t make sense unless you have gone through it yourself–like how much money we spend on these useless papers! My current go-to book is Beyond Broke: From Financial Hardship To College Affordability by David Mogenberg which will help me prepare myself even better if/when I decide to attend college after getting my degree from law school. Also, thank goodness we no longer need our study cards for everything anymore! Lastly: If studying can actually improve my memory instead of

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