Best Bankruptcy Software For Lawyers?

14. A lawyer is being sued by a client for an alleged breach of fiduciary duty. The claim can be tried in state court, but the suit alleges that the breaches occurred while the lawyer was acting as supervising attorney on behalf of another client’s trust estate. Should this case go to federal court?

15. What are some good resources for researching bankruptcy law cases?

Chapter 9

1. Which type of debt does not have priority over other types, if any? If you answered “bad debts,” pause and think about whether your answer makes sense—what bad debt would not have priority over other debts? After all, if it has no right to exist (meaning that it is unenforceable), then why should it get special treatment relative to others’ rights or interests? And even more important: what would make such a thing possible under bankruptcy law principles—or common-law principles for that matter? If you thought about these questions long enough and honestly admitted your uncertainty with respect to this question (which I hope you did), then move on; otherwise reread Chapter 3 before turning back here! All answers carry equal weightings under federal substantive law; there are no wrong answers because everyone brings something different into the discussion at every point during its evolution through history up until now! We must remember that although legal principles may change throughout time, they always converge upon certain core ideas which cannot be eliminated from consideration without violating

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