Best Bag Inexpensive For Lawyers?

A: I think a bag is really important. You have to have a place for your stuff and when you’re in the courtroom, they want to see that you know what things are in there because it can be very distracting if people start throwing their phones on top of the desk. If someone has a good lawyer, they will go with them just so that they don’t have to look at them all day long going through trial.

Q: What was your most memorable moment as a prosecutor?

A: It’s hard not to remember all of my cases, but one case in particular stands out in my mind — again, because of the outcome — was this cat-and-mouse game we had with an organized crime syndicate where we were able to track down their leader and get convictions for racketeering conspiracy … That’s such a big deal; it made me feel like “wow! This is why I do this job.”

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