Best Bag For Lawyers?

The best bag for lawyers may well be the Tom Bihn Minaal carry-on. My wife bought one of these bags several years ago after she became a lawyer, and has loved it ever since. The fabric is sturdy enough to withstand heavy use, but also soft enough that it feels great against the skin when worn across the body in hot weather. It’s spacious enough to fit everything you need on an airplane without taking up too much space in overhead bins or under seats, yet compact enough to slip into checked baggage at your destination airport for additional packing flexibility if necessary. This pack also rolls up very nicely so that even if you do have excess room in your suitcase when you get home, you can easily roll this thing up nice and tight with no worries about damaging its stitching or material integrity while rolling around at airports. I would highly recommend this product! After using their other products over the last two decades (including their backpacks), I can say that they are definitely among my favorite brands of gear out there…and extremely affordable compared to most other options available today!

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