Best Bachelor Degrees For Lawyers?

Why does a lawyer need to be so smart? What is the math of IQ and what can we do about it? Can we teach an entire generation of lawyers, doctors and engineers to be smarter than they are now? The answers may surprise you. Free View in iTunes

155 Clean #191: How I Found My True Passion It’s not easy being dedicated. If it were, everyone would do it all the time. But on the rare occasions that people who really want something truly dedicate themselves — especially with their health or careers — many times they don’t know where to go from there on how Free View in iTunes

156 Clean #190: How Bitcoin Will Change Money Forever Bitcoin is redefining money as we know it today. In this episode, which was originally recorded back when bitcoin was worth less than $100 per coin (in 2014!), Michael has a conversation with Andreas Antonopoulos about everything from its history, economics and future impact Free View in iTunes

157 Clean #189: From Prodigy to Psychopath – Why Some Geniuses Need Help Do geniuses have too much power over others? Are some geniuses simply unstable personalities who become more dangerous because of their intelligence? Author Stephen King is one such personality who deals with these issues by counseling other high-functioning but stil Free View in iTunes

158 Clean #188: Secrets from Silicon Valley’s Top Startup Accelerators There are now hundreds of startup accelerators across America alone looking for promising new companies

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