Best Apps For Lawyers 2020?

The legal industry is moving at a rapid pace and new technology is continuously emerging. We can now use artificial intelligence, blockchain and technical advances to revolutionize the way we practice law. The future of law looks bright as technology will change our profession for the better. As lawyers, we have to keep up with this technological advancement so that clients will trust us even more than they already do today. Here are some technologies that could radically change the legal industry in 2020:

1) Augmented Reality (AR): Lawyers will be able to communicate with their customers through AR apps which could drastically reduce customer complaints by increasing client satisfaction rates. This would also improve productivity because lawyers would not have to travel long distances from courtrooms or offices just to discuss client cases with their customers anymore because it would all be done through an app on your smart phone or computer! Also, if you are calling a lawyer who uses the same office building as other lawyers, then you won’t need any extra time traveling since you can simply send them a note via AR instead of actually speaking face-to-face too! And what about trying out different firm names? You wouldn’t even need meetings where all attorneys gather together either! All advice given within these app sessions would be available inside the app itself for easy access later on when needed! It’s also possible that firms may soon begin using AI computers instead of human counsel if augmented reality becomes prevalent in business settings like this… How cool is

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