Best Answering Services For Lawyers?

What is the best answering service for lawyers?

A: I would like to recommend my good friends at Quick Call Answer Service, P.O. Box 1054, Sturgis, MI 49094-1054 866-876-2918 We have been answering calls from real estate agents and attorneys for years now and think they are the answer you have been looking for! The other companies say they will answer your call but that’s not true. They don’t always mean what they say or do anything about it when things go wrong. Quick Call Answer Service answers all questions professionally with an understanding of their clientele giving them confidence in this new technology without any worries whatsoever! This company has put together a toll free number so no matter where you are calling from you can be sure that your call will never go to waste or get dropped! It also allows individuals who own businesses/establishments to set up their phones as well making sure everyone knows how important it is to make use of this tech tool today!!

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