Best Answering Service For Lawyers?

And who are you?”

“I’m a long-distance call from New York,” I said, “and the name is certainly not Lord Stanley. Perhaps it’s your turn to be surprised.”

“I suppose that can’t hurt,” he said grudgingly. “What do you want?”

“Information about Jennifer Marbury.” The last words had slipped out before I could stop them. But I’d already noticed his reaction; no doubt he was expecting the same answer every time someone called. He didn’t seem at all upset by my inadvertent breach of etiquette, though perhaps this was because no one else ever did it either—or perhaps he simply assumed everyone would know what they wanted and how to get it. After all, there were only so many ways one could go wrong in such a situation: most people got their information from newspapers or television; some went through bookstores with names like Law For Dummies on their doors; others phoned firms like his and asked for advice or represented themselves with nothing more than a phone number written down on a piece of paper and an appointment set for later that day (he gave me two). And then there were those who tried telemarketing companies—but even the telemarketers knew enough not to try him first. It wasn’t as if anyone had never been able to find what they needed here—it just took longer than expected most times, which meant hours spent waiting around until another lawyer showed up instead of

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