Best Alternate Careers For Lawyers?

The answer is actually pretty simple. The most successful lawyers are not very smart, though they make up for this by being aggressive and hardworking. There’s a reason that the phrase “the smartest person in the room” has been around since people were using pens instead of stones to write on cave walls: while some people are smarter than others, it doesn’t come naturally to all of them. And when you get down to it, success depends more on drive, determination and ambition than wit or IQ level alone.

But what about your other alternate career options? How do they stack up against working as a lawyer? It turns out there are many jobs where you can find yourself doing legal work—but whether any of these careers will be an improvement over being a lawyer isn’t always clear cut. Some of them may have less appeal because they pay less or have more hours involved…or might even require some training before getting started!

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