Best Advice For Young Lawyers?

J. Patrice McSherry: Get to know the people in your office, because you are going to be with them for a very long time. But also, enlist the help of mentors and volunteer attorneys who have experience “under fire” so that they can teach you what is appropriate or inappropriate behavior in certain situations. I was fortunate enough to have an attorney mentor my first year out of law school but there are many other resources available through CLEs and newsletters sent by various bar organizations. These resources offer insight into not only how to ethically practice law but also provide information on career advancement opportunities within one’s specific field (i.e., elder law).

Webb Steelman: It is important for young lawyers starting their careers to get involved with groups like the Young Lawyers Section (YLS) at your local BAR association; it will give you great networking opportunities as well as valuable mentoring relationships outside of work hours, which can prove invaluable when trying times come up during practice years or during trial preparation….

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