Best 401K Plan For Lawyers?

The answer is yes. The best 401k plan for lawyers is the Fidelity Freedom Index Fund (FFINX) which tracks the S&P 500 index, but with a very low expense ratio of 0.12%. With this level of fixed fees, you can expect your money to be invested in professional stock funds for decades before it needs to be rebalanced or liquidated. This kind of investment experience is not available anywhere else! If you are still trying to decide what are some good 401K plans on the market today, check out my list here: Best 401k Plans For Less Money

How much do I need? How much should I invest? Is there any minimum? Can anyone get by with less than $5,000/year in contributions? Yes and no… Although you can certainly get by with less than that amount if you have some other sources of income coming into your account that help fund it along the way. We don’t recommend starting off too small because when retirement comes suddenly without warning most people find themselves unprepared financially. You really want to start at least making 6-8% contribution every year so over time all these little amounts add up! But remember they will take more away from you later when taxes come due unless (and until) congress changes how Social Security works again like they did in 1983 after Reagan took office and cut benefits for future generations down significantly while increasing them overall dramatically for current retirees who paid into it all their lives

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