Amlaw 10 Best And Worst Cities For Young Lawyers?

1. Chicago, IL – Median Pay: $74,596 The weather may not always be the most pleasant in this city, but it is a great place to launch a law career because of its location and prestige as one of the nation’s largest legal markets. 2. New York City, NY – Median Pay: $80,844 NYC is home to at least three firms that rank among the best places for young lawyers to start their career (Cravath Swaine & Moore; Cleary Gottlieb Steen & Hamilton; and Paul Weiss). 3. Boston, MA – Median Pay: $79,574 This old-school city has more than 1 million residents and is also known as one of America’s top tech hubs thanks to companies like Google and other technology giants that have set up shop there over the past decade or so. These young associates will enjoy easy access to amenities such as hiking trails and public transportation right outside their doors! 4. Washington DC – Median Pay: $65 000 With 82 colleges nearby offering programs for aspiring attorneys alike collegiate environments can provide an ideal environment for those wanting an education while still learning about what working life actually entails during their first few years out of college 5 . Houston – Median Pay: $56 100 This major Texas hub offers great weather year round with mild temperatures typically averaging between 30-55 °F depending on which area you live in throughout most seasons 6 . Austin -Median pay : 56000 Austin was

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