Advisor Smith Best Small Cities For Lawyers?

You can get a great job in a small city with a good salary if you go to school, do well and work hard. Go from top law schools to best law schools on Uloop. Bookmark the site for future reference.

How much does an entry level lawyer make?

Salary statistics by profession show that there are more entry-level lawyers than any other occupations in the United States of America (USA). In fact, they average around $65K per year although this varies greatly based upon location, experience and education levels etc . The median annual pay for these workers is about $66K or so per year which means that half of all beginning lawyers earn less than this amount while the other half earns over it.. There are many differences between jobs like criminal defense attorney vs personal injury attorney as far as salary goes but overall these positions will pay you anywhere between $40k -$75k depending on your years of experience and where you live etc.

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