Accredited Sites For Non-Peer Best Lawyers?

Q. What makes a site “non-peer”?

A. A non-peer review is one that does not involve peer review, such as an article in the legal newsgroup alt.lawyers or a posting on a discussion board. The purpose of the site is to provide information about courts and lawyers for non-lawyers, and that can be done without involving peers in any way. For example: Lawyer: Your Honor may rule on this motion unless you find it moot; therefore I would like to file my brief using hypertext markup language (HTML). Judge: OK; what’s HTML? [smiles] That’s fine — no need for peer reviewers here! Another thing we want to avoid at NALP sites are newspaper articles or press releases from other organizations’ web sites, which contain information about court cases and lawyers that should be available only through NALP subscriptions–not even general access sites like Google News . See Note: All materials at our web sites where we clearly state their source have been reviewed by us before being posted so they conform to our policies concerning the appropriate use of material from outside sources.. In contrast, many general access websites will allow questionable material because they don’t evaluate all content posted there prior to posting it…

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