50 Best Legal Novels For Both Lawyers And Laymen?

I stumbled across this list online and thought it was worth considering. Here’s the premise:

This year we asked our readers, “What are the best legal novels you’ve read?” Thumbing through a few hundred answers and whittling them down to top 10 reveals that there is no single definitive answer. What follows is a diverse sampling of books from the past decade or so, all selected for their accessibility (even if they don’t always break new ground) and wide appeal among both lawyers and non-lawyers alike. The full list appears at the end of this post, but here are some highlights: Martin Luther King Jr.’s lawyer in Selma uses his skills to bolster Joseph Peltz’s case against his client; an attorney struggles with her own self-destructive compulsions while working on a high profile murder case; jaded defense counsel must find redemption in one last big trial; Larry Flynt takes on pornographers who exploit women while defending himself from charges arising from his own sex life. These stories have been written by many different authors over time — from classics such as To Kill A Mockingbird to more recent works like Nell Scovell’s Losing It or any number of other short story collections — but taken together they offer insight into how justice happens when law intersects with emotions, ethics, passion and sometimes just plain mistakes…. Read More

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