2017 Best Desktop Scanner For Lawyers?

I have a few years experience in the legal industry and am currently going through a divorce. The last thing I wanted to spend my time doing was a good desktop scanner, but every time I try to scan something, it looks horrible. Is there any way that I can get a decent desktop scanner for lawyers? Or even one that is affordable?

10 Computer Questions For Law Students 1) How do you feel about MS Word vs Google Docs or other similar programs? 2) What are your thoughts on using Office Online (for free)? 3) Do you prefer Mac or PC over another platform for law school? 4) Have you ever used Dropbox before 5) Have you ever tried virtual private networks 6) Do you use BitTorrent 7) How long have you been a member of JSTOR 8 ) Are there any online databases that impresse … Read More ยป

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