10 Best Cities For Lawyers?

In the Best Places to Work rankings, U.S. News looks at how lawyers can make a better living in their chosen profession. The magazine’s 2012 list of best cities for attorneys was topped by San Francisco, New York and Boston — all places where you have good job growth prospects.

The ranking is based on anonymous surveys from thousands of practicing attorneys that provide insight into compensation, benefits and other factors important to a lawyer’s lifestyle from top-tier law firms in various markets across the country. To compile this year’s ranking, U.S. News surveyed more than 80 percent of all full-time lawyers nationwide who are working at or within 10 miles of an actual workplace over the past 12 months (as opposed to alternative work arrangements like telecommuting). Employees were surveyed about what they thought made up “the best city for lawyers in America”; others provided information on pay rates and benefits; while some also participated in focus groups with local employers focused on culture fit among prospective hires along with employee retention plans and training opportunities available locally or regionally through universities or other organizations like Toastmasters International Inc., which offers leadership development programs that foster effective communication skills when faced with challenges such as conflict resolution through conversation rather than confrontation.)

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